Monday, 28 October 2013

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It's typical to hear people exclaim, "We don't celebrate Hallowe'en here in Australia." Nevertheless, this spooky season I feel that something wicked this way comes.

Last year I tried my hand at pumpkin carving (and successfully too, for a newbie!).

My Jack Skellington impersonation.

This year I am injecting a little bit of creepy into my closet in honour of Hallowe'en. I've always been interested in the macabre and all things grim. It's nice to finally have some threads that channel this fascination of mine. The best part is that the spooktacular details of these garments are somewhat subtle, helping to avoid that, "Hey, I'm wearing a costume!" feeling. 

Here comes trouble: Although no longer available in this terrifically terrifying colour way (I mean, who doesn't love Frankenstein meets Leopard?!), the Deadly Dames Troublemaker dress comes in a ghostly white and blood-red gingham. The skully brooch just adds an extra morbid dimension and the glossy black belt helps to cinch in the waist. Retailing for $102 USD, the Troublemaker dress is available here. I recommend following the size chart closely as there is minimal stretch. I'm wearing my standard medium.

Man-eater: The Kinky Box skirt by Deadly Dames is a killer in every sense of the word.  Every gal needs to experience a 'Little Shop of Horrors' moment, and one can do so in this scary skirt. The colour is more of a vibrant, royal purple with a slight sheen to the fabric. I'm wearing a medium here, but given that the waist band sits so high, it's a little loose. The Kinky Box skirt comes in a range of spooky and sexy prints. Available here for $84. I've paired this skirt with the super sweet Bonsai Kitten pussy bow top. I'm wearing a size 10 to fit my 28 inch waist and 37 inch bust. This top is made from super comfortable jersey in a range of solid colours and prints, short and long sleeves. It now also comes in bolero form. Available here from $55 AUD. 

Along came a spider: The Heidi dress in a wicked web print. You grab this frightfully fabulous frock here (part of Pinup Girl Clothing's Goth Capsule Collection) for $98 USD, but beware: it's a limited edition print. The fit of this dress is a little tighter than my other Heidi dresses - I can't step into it like my others. I have to pull it over my head and even then, it's a contortion act to get it over my bust! Worth it, though. The details are divine and the cut is very flattering for many body shapes. 

Haunted house: My great-great Grandmother's run-down, abandoned house provided a perfect and eerie backdrop for my Spider Heidi photographs, plus it was nice to delve into a little family history.

Stay spooooky and Happy Hallowe'en! 

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