Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Deadliest of Dames

Tired of looking a little ho-hum? Are the Peter Pan collars not channelling your inner badass? Need something that will make your cleavage pop? Then Deadly Dames, the vampy and super sexy clothing line designed by ├╝ber-babe Micheline Pitt, is just what you need!

Didn't that sound like a 30 second commercial? Maybe, but I stand by the above statement.

The Deadly Dames line has been through many evolutions, each season more different (although equally fabulous) than the last. Micheline states that her clothing: "is what happens when you mix doll clothes with 50's sex kittens and, well, possibly John Waters" and are clothes for "girls who want to be their own Barbie doll, but with an EDGE!"

Micheline's first season teamed the rockabilly/psychobilly style with cool cuts and prints. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the beginning of Deadly Dames:
Left to right: discontinued Green Leopard Babydoll swing with added collar for cuteness and re-designed Malibu Tiki dress.  I'm normally a sound size medium in Deadly Dames, but I can get away with a small in the Green Leopard Babydoll. At first, the fit of the Malibu Tiki was a little snug, but after a bit of wear (and maybe a small tug on the fabric at the waist) everything hugged the body perfectly. Because of the well-structured and padded cups, this dress doesn't necessarily require a bra. Malibu Tiki available here.

The Deadly Dames Polka Dot Wiggle dress - a classic. This dress is very form fitted and requires nude undergarments. I believe this garment was in Micheline's first collection and it is a big seller. I find this frock very true to size with just the perfect amount of stretch. It's available here.

One of her later seasons was inspired by Marie Antoinette. This line featured floral motifs and lingerie-inspired silhouettes. Muted palettes in satin, lace and velvet came together to produce a very decadent line. Girls were falling over themselves to get their hands on the beautiful blue Victorian numbers. Ooh la la!

Victorian Courtesan Swing Dress. The thick sateen of this dress has a slight sheen and the Victorian rose print is delightful! The lingerie-inspired bodice adds an element of burlesque for a bit of fun. I'm wearing my normal size medium in this dress. Available here.

The latest Deadly Dames line is called 'Fetish Folly' - a culmination of the kinky teamed with vintage flair. The Victorian print will make a new comeback in a new colourway - red and pink floral! I particularly look forward to the special edition Haunted Housewife dress in this revamped print.
From the latest Deadly Dames line comes the Tie-Me-Up dress in fetish print - yes it's really as  flirty as the  name suggests. The print includes women with whips, bondage, corsets, high-heeled boots and a general dominatrix feel. Not for the faint-hearted, particularly with the cleavage aspect. I was able to size down to a small in this dress. The tie straps cater for a range  of bust sizes and sateen always has some give. This whip-crackin' wonder is available here

Each and every Deadly Dames piece I own features clever construction and asset-enhancing design. I often find myself being asked where I buy my clothes from whenever I wear one of these garments. I look forward to seeing what daring designs the future holds for Deadly Dames!

Happy Sunday x

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