Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pinup Couture for Wardrobe Staples

One of my favourite vintage inspired clothing companies comes in the form of the website: is the brainchild of the self-professed Supreme Overlord Laura Byrnes. Laura Byrnes has taken inspiration from 40's and 50's couture and given it a modern twist.

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This website is home to some great vintage inspired brands: Pinup Couture, Laura Byrnes Black Label, Deadly Dames, Dixiefried and Golightly to name a few. As exists purely as an online retailer, it is important to know you measurements (bust, waist, hips - occasionally arm circumference and thigh circumference) in inches. When I talk about measuring your hips, I'm not talking about the protruding pelvic bones, ladies. I mean the biggest area around your butt! The lovely Bernie Dexter shows us how it's done (photo courtesy of

When shopping for clothing online, be a sensible dolly and measure yourself! Don't rely on your standard dress size. I have found it particularly useful that facebook fans of are more than willing to share their experience with clothing purchased from this site. Whilst there, please note that sass-mouthing on the Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) facebook page is more than unwelcome. Not only will it bring down the entire army of PUG followers on you, but you may even invite a snitty comment from the Overlord herself. Plus, it's bad karma. That aside, enjoy looking at the clothing on this page - the site has a fantastic layout and each garment has its own size chart. Fans have also posted reviews so you can get the low down on each piece. In my experience, clothing from this site is not only a head-turner, but each garment is well made from quality fabrics.
Disclaimer: this site is highly addictive. Best to browse when your credit card is not within arm's reach.

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