Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Prints Charming

Yes, I have been swept off my feet by vintage inspired prints. Is there anything sweeter than a swing dress that hearkens back to a bygone era? Hardly. Novelty, atomic, floral... all these prints are reminiscent of simpler, more easy-going (and dare I say, happier?) times.

I  purchased a few dresses recently that reminded me of my grandma's fabulous fabric collections! The fabric of these dresses really have a retro feel to them, particularly the circus print Zooey by As usual, the fit and quality are superb!

The Ginger halter dress in turquoise atomic print is available from This dress came with a thin, black, poplin-covered belt, but I think that it detracted from the overall look of the dress. Sometimes, belts can shorten the look of your torso by giving your body the appearance of two "halves" - I find the belt that came with my Ginger had this effect on me.  This dress also comes in a myriad of stunning prints and colours.
The Zooey pink circus print dress is available from This is fast becoming my favourite summer dress. The stretch cotton sateen feels luxurious and the bust is lined for a little bit of modesty ;) The vintage-inspired print on this darling dress is rather quaint, with animals in outfits, a man on stilts and pretty pin ups. This dress also comes in a red 'tablecloth' print and grey birdcage print.
This dress is the Netti in Tiki print. The Netti dress comes in so many fabulous prints, but this one is my favourite by far!  I feel like hosting a luau party, BYO ukulele! I can picture a vintage Hawaiian shirt in this eye-catching print. Again, available from Be sure to jump onto the website and check out their wide range of precious prints!

Naturally, many reproduction brands have produced their own beautiful vintage inspired prints. Here are a few from a range of different brands that I would love to share with you.

Left to right: Bettie Page Paradise dress available from Trashy Diva Sweetie dress available from I have the Sweetie dress and the rayon fabric is simply perfect for a hot summer's day!

Left to right: Hell Bunny May Day dress available from MANY places, including eBay, to name a few... On the right is a Hawaiian halter sun dress available from

Left to right: Katrina dress by Australian brand, Retrospec'd ( They have a brick and mortar store at 486 King St, Newtown, Sydney. The Bernie Dexter Pearl in Cherry Tree Lane dress is just that: a pearl. You can pick up this head-turner from

Left to right: The Beverly Cerise cherry print dress available from and the Comic inspired dress available at are cute and quirky novelty prints. Although they each have a different feel to them, they are equally awesome.

Do you love a vintage print as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic and see some of your personal favourites, reproduction or vintage!

Happy Saturday x


  1. I neglected to mention, in two of those pictures, I am wearing clip-in Bettie bangs. They are available from

    Super good quality :)

  2. Thank you! Always a work in progress ha ha!

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