Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Shoe Must Go On

Vintage shoes can be very fragile depending on the material they are made from. Elastic and rubber becomes brittle and  perishes over time. A few years ago, I tried on my grandmother's wedding shoes (from the 40's I believe) and they broke... Whoops! Unfortunately for me, the elastic straps were worn and they snapped when I wiggled my feet in. Pity, because they were fabulous shoes, covered in a custom-dyed brocade to match her wedding gown (which, thankfully, I  haven't  tried on).

Recently, I came across this spectacular pair of vintage shoes, circa 1940's. The brand is Shantilly and they are in exquisite condition. They are tooled leather shoes with steel plate heels - not for wearing through the airport, I guess! Luckily, these babies were my size and favourite colour. When buying vintage shoes, be sure to get the inner sole measurement and width across the widest area. I think vintage sizes in shoes are smaller than modern sizing.
 My circa 1940's vintage Shantilly shoes. My brother calls these my bowling shoes. Thanks, bro!

There are lots of really cool shoe brands out there, some which emulate retro styles, and others which are just down right out there! Many of these styles team up well with vintage and repro brand clothing. I'm not what you would call a vintage purist - I love to mix and match modern and vintage styles. Here are a few of my favourite shoes from my collection.
My current favourites are my "Deuce Coupe" babies! These are by the brand Miss L Fire. Unfortunately they are no longer available and there was a bit of an international hunt to find these! I got my pair from madness-clothing where there are a few pairs in selected sizes left. Miskonduct also has a pair, I believe. Miss L Fire is still worth checking out - there are so many fabulous and daring styles there!

These sweeties are called "Frankenstitch." They are made by Tuk Shoes. Note the gel inserts in these shoes. I find them a bit narrow and I can only wear them for short periods of time, which is why I have to wear them with gel inserts - otherwise they are just too uncomfortable. Damn, they look good though!

My special edition Zombie Stompers (Yes, ZOMBIE STOMPERS!) actually glow in the dark. These special edition bad boys are called "Moonshine Zombie Stompers".  They were available at Iron Fist but there are still a number of them floating around on the web if you have the time to hunt. I have seen a few on eBay. Are they gory? Yes! Well named? Yes! Comfy? Yes! Look out, undead!

Here are some other fabulous vintage inspired shoes I have come across:
Rachel Antonoff Saddle shoes - available at Bass Shoes

Cutipie Heels - available from Pinup Girl Clothing (I own these and they are super comfortable, despite the height)

Now, I don't own these vintage shoes - but they are timeless classics from the 40's and 50's. If you find a great pair, pounce on them! 
Lucite heels - Amazing craftsmanship! One can often find them on eBay or Etsy,

The famed Spring-O-Lators (as referred to in my post about the Sarong dress). These are iconic mid-century shoes.  Again, if you want to own a pair, your best bet is eBay or Etsy based on my experience. Anyway, how fantastic is this advertisement? No online shipping back then!  (I do love vintage advertising!)

Well, as they say, "if the shoe fits"...
Happy Wednesday x

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